I want to listen to the Voluntary Party. Be there for the Voluntary Party. Stand up for the Voluntary Party.

I’ve been a member of the Conservative Party for almost 35 years and, throughout that time, have been committed to the Voluntary Party, valuing its importance in the political life of this country and wanting to stand up for its voice within the wider Party.

Our Party has changed. Over the last few years, the Party has attracted a wide range of people across our country, however we must never forget our grassroots. But we have a challenge. Our country has changed, politics has changed and we need the infrastructure and thinking of the Conservative Party to keep up.

I want to help and listen to the Party to lead our beyond 2015 strategy ensuring that people feel engaged with the Party, rewarded for their efforts within the Party and valued for the work they put into the Party. In short, ordinary members – be they 14 or 94 – need to have a voice and have that voice heard at the top of the Conservative Party.

It is important to look after the base of your Party – by doing so you create the foundations for success at every level. Our ordinary Members, our Branches and our Associations give up their time and efforts week-in week-out on the doorstep, organising fundraising events and ensuring the Conservative Party’s messages and values are passed on to residents and businesses where they live. We need to ensure they have a strong and stable future and we need to encourage more people to join our team.

My commitment to the Conservative Party has been strong for a third of a century. I promise to listen, recognise and value every single Member of our Party and ensure their views and values are reflected at every level.

I also want my vision to be your vision so if you’d like to speak to me, or ask me anything, just give me a call or drop me an e-mail – my telephone number is 01434 682 330 and my e-mail address is

Thank you.

Charles Heslop